Tracy Lynn Studio Thousands of new first page rankings

Tracy Lynn Studio is an interior design firm, curating beautiful and functional spaces for clientele in Southern California



Tracy Lynn Studio, a valued client, forged a partnership with Intero Digital over a decade ago during the nascent stages of SEO as a prominent marketing strategy. Seeking enhanced visibility for her expanding interior design business, Tracy Lynn recognized the potential of this emerging initiative and entrusted us with the task of broadening her exposure in the digital landscape.



Throughout the years, Tracy Lynn Studio’s strategy underwent significant evolution, particularly following a major re-branding in 2016. Amidst these changes, one core strategy that consistently prevailed was the unwavering focus on targeting local users to generate qualified traffic. Recognizing the importance of connecting with the local community, this emphasis ensured that Tracy Lynn Studio attracted relevant and engaged visitors to their online platforms.


Finally Get the Result

At the outset of our collaboration, Tracy Lynn Studio possessed limited online authority and presence. However, upon implementing our meticulously crafted strategy, we witnessed the gradual emergence of local search rankings. Presently, Tracy Lynn Studio boasts an impressive portfolio of thousands of first-page rankings, leading to substantial boosts in both website traffic and revenue generation.

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