Tuscany Pavers
47X increase in ROI

Tuscany Pavers, a valued client since 2008, is a renowned expert in the art of paver installation and design, dedicated to enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of commercial and residential outdoor spaces across the vibrant landscapes of southern California. With a deep-rooted passion for crafting exquisite paver solutions, Tuscany Pavers consistently delivers superior craftsmanship, exceptional attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Their distinguished reputation and extensive experience make them the trusted choice for transforming outdoor environments into captivating and functional works of art.



In response to Tuscany Pavers’ rapid growth and the need for an online marketing strategy commensurate with their physical expansion, they sought the expertise of SEMGROWN. Recognizing the potential to capture a larger share of leads from online searches, Tuscany Pavers entrusted us with the development and execution of their comprehensive digital strategy. Leveraging our deep understanding of the digital landscape and expertise in crafting tailored solutions, we collaborated with Tuscany Pavers to enhance their online presence, attract targeted leads, and pave the way for continued success in their industry.



Through meticulous keyword and market research, SEM GROWN diligently identified a comprehensive list of geo-specific keyword opportunities tailored to Tuscany Pavers’ business objectives. This strategic approach aimed to enhance their local search rankings, ensuring maximum visibility and attracting highly relevant prospects within their target geographic regions. By leveraging our expertise in search engine optimization and utilizing data-driven insights, we empowered Tuscany Pavers to effectively capture the attention of their local audience and drive qualified traffic to their website, ultimately fostering increased engagement and business growth.



Since the inception of our partnership in 2008, SEM GROWN has consistently delivered outstanding results for Tuscany Pavers. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, we have achieved and sustained remarkable outcomes, including the addition of an impressive 1,240 new first-page rankings. This significant accomplishment has been complemented by an extraordinary 47X increase in return on investment (ROI), a testament to the efficacy of our strategies and the value we bring to Tuscany Pavers’ business. Furthermore, Tuscany Pavers has witnessed a substantial trackable revenue increase of 47% as a direct result of our collaborative efforts, underscoring the substantial impact of our digital marketing initiatives on their bottom line.

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